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Multiple Values Found in Podio

  • 9 November 2022
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How do I pick which value I use if multiple values are found in a Podio search? Is there a way to filter so that I can somehow get Zapier to find something by searching for two filters (email plus another value)?


Best answer by MohSwellam 9 November 2022, 20:03

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Hi @Jessy 


After the Search action, you can use Paths by Zapier. The path would be as follows:


  1. Path 1 > Only 1 value is found
    • In this path, you will choose a field (like the email field for example) to filter on. IF the field DOES NOT CONTAIN “,” (without the “”) , this means only one value is found and you can continue your zap based on that
  2. Path 2 > More than 1 value is found
    • Similar to the above, you will choose CONTAINS “,” (without the “”) so this means several values are found. 
    • The next action would be Looping by Zapier to loop between the Line Items
    • Add a Filter step to only continue if the email value is whatever you want


Hope this helps :)