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Multiple documents of Google Docs Template

  • 18 August 2022
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Hi everyone! I’m here seeking for any help to troubleshooting a zap that is running multiple times, like a looping, and I need that this zap runs just one time.

I'm having a problem with a zap to create a new document from a template of Google Docs. Our automation is divide by 2 zaps.


The first zap is working correclty, it filters the users that are authorized to receive our Template of Google Docs. But the second zap isn't woking correclty, because it creates multiple documents for the same client.


Our objetive is to send and certificate created with a Google Docs Template that is updated with information using this kind of filed: {{information}}.


The certificate is correct, they're being created, but zapier create multiple documents and then send it all to the same cliente.

I just don’t find the solution for this problem. 


Could someone help me?


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6 replies

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Hi @Lexly 

Good question.

Please provide more context about how each of your Zap steps is configured, thanks. (e.g. what is the Zap trigger event)


Also, check your Zap Runs to help you troubleshoot why the Zaps are triggering multiple times:

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Hey @Lexly! It looks like you were able to write into our support team about this, who replied back to you and said: 

Thanks for writing in! I'm glad to lend a hand and figure it out with you.
I see what you mean, I looked at our internal logs and the Zap trigger (New or Updated Record in Airtable) is being triggered multiple times.
But I can't see a live Zap run, so I think it was you testing the Zap. Is that right? 
I'm just seeing a Zap run caught by the Filter in history. Could you please try to trigger the "Emissão de Certificado" once? 
This way, I can dig further into the live Zap run and help you.
Hope to hear from you soon,


Re-triggering the Zap and then continuing to troubleshoot with support is going to be the best way to get to the bottom of this! Keep us posted - we’d love to know that things have been sorted out here. 🙂

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Hi Troy. I’ll show you the structure of the Zap.

First of all, we have two Zap’s to complete the function we need:


1ª) Prova dos Cursos & 2ª) Emissão de Certificado


✅ If we look at part number one, we’ll see the following steps:


1º) Trigger: New Entry in Typeform


2º) Action: Create a Record in Airtable in a unic Base and Table


3º) Action: Find a Record in other table to idetify the fields: Form ID and replace to a Forms ID.


4º) Action: Update Record in the first Base and Table to update or change the ID of the course, exactly to avoid that the same user receive two or more e-mails after the first send.


5º) Action: PATHS » just pass the user to the other Zap if the contact get more than 7 points on the test.


✅ If we look at part number two, we’ll see the following steps:


1º) Trigger: New or Updated Record in Airtable


2º) Action: Only continue if… (the contact get more than 7 points on the test)


3º) Action: Create Document from Template in Google Docs [HERE LIES THE PROBLEM]


4º) Action: Find a File in Google Drive


5º) Action: Convert File in ConvertAPI

6º) Update Record in Airtable to anex an Attachments that is a PDF of that document created by template.


And then: Find that Attachments on the Airtable and send by E-mail by gmail.


I see and review all the parts of this automation and can’t figure out what is the problem 😰

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Hi @Lexly!

I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble with your Zaps. What we need to understand is whether:

  1. the Zap is triggering multiple times for the same record (and therefore creating more than one document) or;
  2. the Zap is triggering once per record but is creating more than one document at that step. 


Looking at your Zaps, it is very likely that it’s the first option. Take a look at the Zap runs for the second Zap, when you look at the time that the Zap was triggered, is there more than one at the same time? Or if not, when you click into the Zap run to look at the data that triggered the Zap, are there some Zap runs that look like they were triggered by the same record?


Could I also ask if you want the Zap to always trigger on new or updated records? Or do you only want it to trigger on new records? Or do you want the Zap to trigger when a certain field is added to Airtable? If we know that we can hopefully find a way to stop the Zap from triggering more than once. Thanks!

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Hi @Danvers, thank you for your response.


We found the error. In our case, the problem was: the Zap is triggering multiple times for the same record (and therefore creating more than one document).


Our Zap was triggering multiple times because we were using the Modified Time Field, as an update in the status of a specific column on the record.


I don’t know why, but, when we change to the “Last modified time field” the trigger activate once, like we needed.


So the problem is resolved because we change the Field type.

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@Lexly great to hear you figured this one out! Thanks for circling back to share- we appreciate it!