Multiple choice selection in Typeform not mapping as seperate selections in Airtable

  • 30 December 2023
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I have a Typform which contains a few multiple choice questions. Upon submission I want these to dump out into an Airtable multiple choice field with each selection in the Typeform question being a separate selection in the Airtable multiple choice field.


Typeform Multiple Choice Example


Multiple Choice Selection

Zaipier Set Up


I am using the action with the two selections separated by a comma. However, each of the multiple select answers also creates an option for a single entry.

What I’m using
Other Options


Airtable Output


The responses are not showing as separate but as a single combined entry.


Current output in Airtable




Desired output in Airtable


2 replies

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Hi @olireynoldson,

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It looks like the data are being passed as a single array. I’d recommend creating a new sample data in Typeform and ensure that you selected all of the choices in the “Regions of Operation” choices and use the Formatter by Zapier - Split Text (All as separate fields option) and map the output of the formatter step to the Airtable “InsLead_AreasOperating” field separately.

Hopefully, this helps.

I had this same issue and spent probably 6+ hours trying different things as well as Googling.  I finally came across the following solution.

Select the field that includes all of the results.  Format the data.  Type Find and Replace and do the following:


This has to be such a pain for everyone.  This is a very common need for people who do integrations between Typeform and Airtable.