MS To-Do error 404 (Unable to create task) when copying and transferring to a team member

  • 21 June 2022
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I have multiple integrations between hubspot and microsoft to-do using Zapier.  I’m the admin for the hubspot and the zapier account.

We also have a team zapier account and have created differen zaps in a shared team file.

When my team members copy a zap and transfer it to their home folder, the zaps are turning up the following error message:

Unable to create task "______ is overdue for a DEXA!". Error code 404: Item 'AQMkAGM2Yzg5MGQ1LTAxMDctNDIxNy04YTA2LTVlNDg5ZjdiZmFkZQAuAAADDDmFBmJskkKwttzoJRuFjQEAWO-zd8paPkSKab-1NhxrwQAAAgESAAAA' doesn't belong to the targeted mailbox 'a404dda8-697

2 replies

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Hey there, @tylermounce! Ah, I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing that error but appreciate you surfacing this.
I can see you were able to open a ticket with my friends in support, which is actually going to be the best course of action we’d recommend. They’re able to dig into your logs a bit more and see what might be the cause.

Please keep us posted on your findings! We definitely want to make sure we get to the bottom of this with you. 

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Hey @tylermounce! I wanted to follow up here as it looks like our support team replied back to you on the 21st and said:

Based on the error message you provided, I believe you're actually having issues with testing the "Create Task in Microsoft To Do" action instead of the "New Contact in List in HubSpot" trigger. Can you confirm if that's correct?

I was unable to find any errors related to the one you received in our internal logs, and The Microsoft To Do action test shows that it was successful.

Can you provide a screenshot of where you see the error message so I can look into this further?

Following up on that thread with a screenshot will be the best way to continue troubleshooting this one. In the meantime, let us know if you were able to get this one resolved - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!