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Move New PDF files from one Google Drive folder to another.

Zapier Community - Please help!

I am using a web form creation tool called Jotform to create and save a PDF in a Google Drive subfolder. I need to automate a process to copy each new PDF from the subfolder and paste into another folder on the same Google Drive.

Sounds simple, but I keep getting error messages. 

Is there a template I can use? Help appreciated!



Best answer by jesse 12 July 2022, 20:48

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Hi @ggoodno!

From what you’ve described, this should definitely be possible. Could you let us know a bit more about the error you’re seeing? Also, if you can tell us what steps you have in your Zap and which step is showing the error, that would be super helpful, thanks!

Thank you for the reply! I made this work by sending the Jotform to Dropbox and then on to Google drive. However, thats an extra step I don’t want to do. In short, any time a new PDF appears in a folder, I want to moved or copied to another folder. 
Here’s the error message:

Failed to find a file in Google Drive

Required field "File Name" (title) is missing.


To add one additional layer of complexity, I need file names with an odd number to be sent to one folder and even numbers to go to another.


Please help!



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Hey @ggoodno! Appreciate all of the extra context here. It sounds like you may need to set up your Zap like this to achieve the outcome you’re after:

  1. Trigger: Google Drive “New File”
  2. Paths by Zapier
    1. Path A: Filters for when the file name contains an odd number
      1. Action: Google Drive “Upload File” (select the folder for odd numbers)
    2. Path B: Filters for when the file name contains an even number
      1. Action: Google Drive “Upload File” (select the folder for even numbers)

Does that sound like it would work for you? The error you’re getting looks to be because you’ve mapped the ‘File PDF” in that field instead of the file ID, which is what that drop-down is expecting.

Give those edits a go and let us know how things turn out!