Monday: Slack post with Monday Item Update - Not passing enough information

  • 9 February 2024
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Hello, beginner Zappier user here,
I’m using the “New Update In Board In” trigger to populate a slack message like so:
`Group Title` @ `Insert item here` from `person who posted the update` : `update text`

Here my problems start:

  1. When polling for test updates, it does not pull from previous item updates so that I can have the correct pieces of data
    • It will pull an update that does not exist, because that item does not have updates. Therefore, I don’t think it provides me with accurate variables to be pulling data from
  2. From the data it does pull, it does not pull all the data that is provided in the example 
    • Some of the fields match up, however not all of them, and even then some fields will return with no data even though there should be data
    • For example, the `Group Title` field is passed to the update in the test, however when actually run it does not appear
  3. I do receive useful information, like the userID and the itemID, however I cannot then go and search for those ID’s using any of the tools in Zapier (that I am aware of)
    • It would be very useful to use the userID, itemID, and groupID to be able to get the names corresponding to those ID’s, however I’m unsure how to do so


  • I’ve disconnected and re-connected monday (multiple times)
  • I’ve deleted the zap and started from scratch

Data I am currently receiving (from one of the run details): 

userId originalTriggerUuid boardId itemId updateText subitems subitems_status8 people
date4 status link app type triggerTime subscriptionId triggerUuid


Data it says I should be receiving (Tests)

User Id Original Trigger Uuid Board Id Item Id Pulse Name Group Id Group Name Update Text
Subitems Subitems Status 8 People Date 4 Status link Link Url Link Text
Group Color App Type Trigger Time Subscription Id Trigger Uuid


Possible Solution:
If I could poll for these ID’s as they relate to names, or poll for more information about an item from it’s itemID, then I could accomplish the rest of what I’m trying to do easy. However, I’m not sure where to  start

Thank you in advance!! 😁



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Hi @oatt 

For us to have full context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured.

You may need to add a Zap step to get the Item in order to return other data points.