Question won't shows board members

  • 29 May 2023
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I made integration between google sheets and Monday.

each time new row in sheets created it will create A  item in Monday.

the only problem is that when I want it to automatically assign a member only 1 member shows up.




I have 5 members on my board and only this one shows up.

If I don’t choose it, the item is automatically assign to me.


How do I make the other members appear on  “Person”? 

3 replies

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Hey @tomerj !


Can you confirm that the other 5 people are a member of the board selected in the Zap and can be chosen in the Person column for a new item in that board directly in

If they are confirmed within the workspace and board, you may be able to get the Person ID's and use them as a custom value. To do this, please go to the Members section in, select the person's name and in the URL and you'll see something like - in this example 123456 would be the Person ID and that could be used as a custom value:



Let me know how it goes when you can give this a try! 😊

Hey @Ligia P. 

Yes they are members of the board.


About the custom person ID, tried it too but unfortunately it didn’t work either.


It may be because I'm not an admin at this board?

the person that appeared in my first post is the admin of the board.

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Hi @tomerj!

Disclaimer: I’m not the most experienced Monday user, so maybe I’m missing something.

I did some poking around in our test account for Monday and I discovered something interesting. In Monday directly I can select amongst 5 people when I click in the Owner column of a task. But when I click on the members icon in the top right, two of those people are missing from there. And those are the two I can’t select in the Zap.

Can you see if the same happens to you? Do you see everyone when clicking an Owner column, but not see everyone when you click here:

I don’t know what it tells us, but there’s at least some consistency between that area and my Zap.