Question to Excel Zap only adds first column data in new rows.

  • 2 June 2023
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Hello All

I need help solving a problem with an automation.

The automation is supposed to add a new row to an Excel sheet every time a new item is created or updated in I've mapped the columns from to the corresponding columns in Excel (using the column IDs).

During the test, the row is correctly created in Excel with all the information in the right place, but when I add a new user on monday, only the first column corresponding to the item name (pulse name ?!) is added on excel, without the data from the other columns.

I've tried troubleshooting the problem by checking the Zap, verifying the column mappings, and checking the data in, but without success.

If anyone has encountered this problem before or has suggestions on what I could try next, I would be very grateful for your help.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

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8 replies

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Hi @Morgan.D, welcome to the community!

To troubleshoot this, looking at the Zap history will be helpful. Find a Zap run for the Zap and look at the Excel step. To start with, check that the information is coming in from Monday - if there are empty values in the trigger step then that tells us that something is happening with the trigger.

Then, look at the information for both the Data in and Data out tabs. The screenshot below shows what this looks like in a Zap run, the example in the image is Google Sheets, but it will look similar. 

Starting with the Data in tab, when you look at those, what do you see in the columns that are missing information? Are they completely empty? Do they have something that looks a bit like {{19238423__name_of_field}} in them? It would be super helpful if you could share a screenshot of the data in tab for the Excel step. Don’t forget to remove or obscure any personal or private information in any screenshot you share in the community (eg full name, email address, etc).


​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi Danvers,

Thank you so much for your detailed response. I appreciate your guidance on this issue.

I will closely examine the 'Data in' and 'Data out' tabs as you suggested.
If I can't find a solution, I will return with screenshots as you advised.

Thanks again for your help.

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I have examined the information in the Incoming and Outgoing Data tabs, the details show that in the Excel step the fields of the columns are indicated as without data.

This is a test file, no private data.

I have shared the screenshot of Monday (input) and the Excel file (output), we can see that the columns have been filled in, the first line was entered during the test during the configuration of the zap and the second line (on Monday) was entered after the publication of the zap to verify that it works again, but we can see that the data did not follow on Excel except the first column (COL$A).

I have shared the screenshots of the incoming and outgoing data from the Excel step, I have also shared a screenshot with the details of the Excel step, maybe I misused the configuration of the actions.

I was told that Zapier was easy to use, I think it's going to take longer than expected.

Does this help you?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi @Morgan.D! 👋

Thanks for sending over those helpful screenshots here. It appears that the fields that were selected for columns B, C and D contained no value when the Zap triggered so the Zap was unable to send any information over to Microsoft Excel:
It seems that the names of the selected fields in the Zap are named differently to the ones that appear in the screenshot of the items in Did those field get renamed since you began setting up the Zap? 

If so, to fix this you’d need to select a new sample from which has the correctly named fields. Then select those fields in the Microsoft Excel action. Once you’ve done that can you publish those changes and add a new item in to see if that then adds the details correctly?


If they weren’t renamed, could it be that the Zap triggered before those other fields were filled out? Do you think that could be the case?


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello @SamB,

thank you for your response.

I recreated the zap after creating the columns in Excel and Monday,

However, it's possible that the zap is triggered after entering the first column in Monday since only that one is filled in Excel.

Is it possible to correct this?


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Thanks for confirming that @Morgan.D

I’ve done some further looking into this found that there’s a bug report open for this behaviour where the New Item in Board trigger runs before all the fields are filled out. Is that the same trigger you’re using in your Zap? Let me know if so and I’ll get your details added to the bug report.

In the meantime, perhaps it might be better to switch to a different trigger like the Specific Column Value Changed in Board one. That way you could set the Zap to only run when the last detail is added into a certain column - assuming they are always added in the same order?

If they aren’t then perhaps you could add an additional column called “Send to Zap?” for example and set the Zap to look for changes in that column. Then when all the information is filled you can tick a checkbox in that “Send to Zap?” column and that would then send the item’s details over to the Zap.

Do you think that could work?

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Hello @SamB ,

Yes, indeed, it is the "New item in the table" trigger. If you could add me to the bug report, that would be very kind of you.

It's a good idea to set up the zap to run through a column at the end of the entry, which we could check off to send the data. I will test this in the coming days.

Thank you for your invaluable help.

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You are most welcome, @Morgan.D! 😁

I can confirm that I’ve added you to the bug report for that issue with the New Item in Board trigger now. I can’t give any ETA on when that will be resolved by but we’ll send out an email notification to you when it is.

Hopefully that workaround will do the trick in the meantime. And if you run into any issues on setting that up just let us know, always happy to help further!