Question error: "User unauthorized to perform action" Status Code 400 Bad Request

  • 29 July 2022
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I am trying to zap a form from WordPress to and it is giving me a troubleshoot error: "User unauthorized to perform action". but all my fields are filled and is mapping to a text format. What am I missing?


Status Code 400 Bad Request

Last updated: 2 years ago


Your Zap is likely to be missing a required field, or a field value wasn't in a recognized format. For example, if a field in your action step is expecting an email address, but the value given is a name, the app may return a 400 error.

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2 replies

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Hi @margarita 

Good question.

Please clarify which Zap step and app is returning the error, thanks.

Might be best to include screenshots as well.

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Hey, @margarita !

Can you let us know what permission your account has in Also, is the board one that you created/own or is it a private one? ​I'm keen to get to the bottom of this so your help is greatly appreciated!