Monday Board Group ID always resets to wrong ID after saving Zap

  • 10 December 2023
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I created a Zap that posts to a board in

Works great.

I then cloned that board, renamed it and also duplicated my Zap becasue both the new Zap and board were similar in function, so I built off those.

Odd thing though…

All settings in the “Send Email to Monday’” step are correct - correct board name, columns, etc EXCEPT the “Group ID” keeps going back to the setting it was in the previously configured Zap.   I can go in and change it - the dialog box brings up the correct (new board) settings, I select it.  It’s correct now, but after saving the step and Zap - it goes back to the old Group ID that was in another board (and again, all other settings specific to that board stay and are correct).


Seems like a really weird bug - anyone seen something like this?


3 replies

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Hi there @rockymtnway,

Before we dig deeper, have you tried recreating the Zap instead of duplicating it? Does it still present the weird behavior?

Please keep me posted!

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Yeah I think that’s what I may do.  I agree that would be a good test.  I think there must be something stuck in the config.

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Thanks for the update here @rockymtnway.

Please let me know if recreating the Zap worked. If not, I’d be happy to troubleshoot further.

Thanks! 😊