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Missing pipelines (stages) in Pipedrive "Stage" field when creating a deal from Calendly.

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Several pipelines (stages) in pipedrive are missing from the field “Stage” in an action trigger when trying to create a deal by importing from Calendly and other apps.

It’s very important please.


Can’t load more and can’t put the id ...



Best answer by SamB 5 December 2023, 18:05

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I am having the same issue and do not understand the work around.

Hi, i’m having the same issue. Almost all the stages are missing when i create a new deal.

Could you please explain me how to get a specific stage with the API request and add me to the list please?

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Hi folks! 

I have good news - it’s now possible to view all Deal Stages, even if you have more than 100 of them! 😁🎉

To access them you’ll need to click on the "Load More" button from the dropdown menu in the Deal Stage field. That button will load another 100 more deal stages - so just keep clicking it until you find the desired stage. 

If you run into any issues when giving that a try let us know. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡