Missing "New Job" trigger and fields in Bullhorn to WordPress Zap

I am using free Zapier account for testing
I’ve loaded the Zapier Wordpress plugin
I have authenticated my Wordpress site and my Bullhorn account

I have setup a Bullhorn to Wordpress zap
When setting up the Bullhorn Step event, I want to use “new job”, but that isn’t available in the dropdown list, so I’m using “new project”
I use ‘job title’ in the Trigger
When I test, I see my records, but the only field shown is the ID field  (with correct data)

When I setup the WordPress step
I choose Create Post
I select “Posts” for the “App/Event” tab
In the “Action” tab, select ID (which shows the correct ID of my select record)
No I can’t find “job title” in the dropdown of additional fields
All other fields such as “Status” indicate they have “No Data”

The test does successfully create a wordpress post
However, ID is the only data that is populated

So, I have three questions
1. Why can’t I see “new job” in the ‘event’ tab when setting up Bullhorn step
2. Why can’t I find “job title” as a field in the drop of the “action” tab for the Wordpress step
3. Why does the ‘status’ field (once selected) show “No Data”


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Hi @bluelily 

Available Bullhorn Zap app triggers/actions:

NOTE: Most Zap apps are created and managed by the app developer using the Zapier Developer Platform.



Bullhorn Webhooks:

Zap Trigger: Webhook - Catch Hook

Thanks Troy.
As I was using the  Zap Bullhorn Trigger “New Project”
Shouldn’t I expect to see all fields associated with the job.
And if I select one during testing, shouldn’t any selected fields show me ‘data’.

Currently the only field that shows any data is “ID”

I was curious if the job needs to be “published” in Bullhorn before it is fully accessible?


However, I think it might be better for me to simply concentrate on Webhooks
Is there a tutorial you recommend

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For the Zap trigger step, did you select fields to lookup?

For us to have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined and configured in EDIT mode.





I hope these screenshots help
I’m selecting ‘new project’
I set the fields I’m looking up
The previous suggests ID is the only field with data ?

In the wordpress step
The only field with data I can find is ID
The field ‘status’ shows “no data”
I can’t find a field called “job title”

When I complete the test, the post is created but only ID is populated

I really appreciate your time

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You may have to try reaching out to Bullhorn Support for help with their Zap app integration.

You may want to explore the webhook workaround.

Thanks Troy
Just confirming that I haven’t missed an obvious step with Zapier integration

I did speak to Bullhorn and they intimated that I need to communicate with Zapier for just matters.


But I’ll definitely look at Webhooks

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Hi there @bluelily,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

It seems before integrating your Bullhorn to Zapier, and you will need to set up what information/fields you would like to share.

Bullhorn has prepared this guide on how to check and enable information to be shared with Zapier:

Additionally, the “New Job” trigger is not supported at the moment. However, we do have an open feature request for the “New Job Order” trigger. Please let me know if you’d like to get added to that.

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!

Thanks for jumping in Ken

As you can see from my screenshoots I used the Bullhorn ‘new projects’ trigger, which appeared to offer me all the fields I wanted.

The issue arises when I try to declare the fields I want to work in on the Wordpress action.

Question One

I couldn’t find ‘New Job’ trigger.  Is the fact I’m using ‘New Project’ a flawed attempt.

Question Two

Have I missed a fundamental Zapier step or have I approached as intended?  Is it possible I am simply not getting the basics right?

Question Three
Does Zapier support Wordpress ACF field integration  (ACF is the custom field building plugin)

I will definitely follow the link and videos you refer me to.

Hi Ken

I read through the document you linked me to
The tutorial explains how to new fields to existing data fields within Bullhorn
Its really interesting

However, how will having additional mapped fields within Bullhorn helpful I the wordPress action isn’t picking up fields.
Are you suggesting that whilst the action isn’t allowing me to pick “job” fields and fields like ‘status’ have ‘no data’, if I were to create new mapped fields, they will be available.

I’m sorry if I have misunderstood the approach.


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Hi @bluelily,

I’m so sorry for the delayed response here.

It seems before integrating your Bullhorn to Zapier, and you will need to set up what information/fields you would like to share. The documentation that I sent on my previous reply is the guide on how to configure and enable information to be shared with Zapier.

Basically, it should fix the “no data” that is showing up when setting up the action step.

Hopefully, this helps!