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Microsoft Todo to Todoist sync not working for flagged emails

  • 19 October 2023
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I want to sync all my microsoft todo task to todoist so i created this zap 

but for some reason all this does is duplicate the task in microsoft to do. it does not get sent to todoist

EDIT: Got it to add a task when I manually add it to microsoft ToDo, but I can’t get emails that are flagged in outlook and added to microsoft ToDo to sync into todoist


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Hi @zany130 

Good question.

It may be that the Zap trigger being used is configured to only trigger for Tasks added directly to To Do.

Yeah sounds like that might be whats happening. I’m trying to make flagged emails in outlook a todoist task.

It automaticly creates a microsoft todo task, but apparently that doesn’t trigger my sync to todoist

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Hi there @zany130,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

I did some digging into this, and it seems like ' the flagged emails does not appear to be under the task list, but as “flagged email”. 

So I’m not really sure if that will indeed be triggered. Also, we send a request to this endpoint:

You can probably use the “New Email in Microsoft Outlook” trigger, and use a filter step for the Zap to only continue on flagged emails. It looks like the “flag status” is being returned by the “New Email in Microsoft Outlook” trigger:

(view larger)

Please let me know if that works.

Yup that work. Only thing is you need a paid plan to be able filter to only flagged emails

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Hi @zany130,

I’m glad to hear that it’s working. In the meantime, we have an open feature request for the “New Flagged Email” trigger. This will trigger the Zap when you flag an email. Please let me know if you’d like to get added to that.

Thanks! 😊