Microsoft Excel Zap Timestamp Output Issue: Non-Numeric Value Prevents Evaluation with Date & Time Functions

  • 26 April 2023
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Please I would appreciate if you can help me with the following issue. I am using a Zap to transfer data to a file. And I am capturing the timestamp each time a new data row is added by using “{{zap_meta_pst_iso}}”. I later need to use date & time functions to evaluate this timestamp.

I first built a Zap connected to a GoogleSheet and it was working as expected. But I needed to migrate it to Excel online, and now the timestamp output is a non-numeric value (i.e.  2023-04-26T12:34:33-05:00 ) that prevents me to evaluate it with the date & time functions.

I could add a Date-Time formatter action to modify the timestamp in Excel online, but that would duplicate the tasks I am using. I could also format the timestamp directly in Excel online using Text functions, but that would affect the performance of my file. The 2 solutions are unpractical as I am currently running more than a thousand tasks daily in this file.

Please can you suggest me an alternative approach. I was trying to find out for example if it is possible to change Excel online timestamp formatting to a similar one like the used in GoogleSheets.


Thank you

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Hi @Cesar_Rodriguez - 

I did some digging and unfortunately, it appears both solutions you have concluded to are the only options I’ve stumbled across as well. I know this isn’t the most promising news you’d hoped for, but I’d like to leave this thread open in case anyone has come across any workarounds or Zap setups that I am unaware of. 

I do hope to see you back in the Community in the future, have a great rest of your day!