Mapping LinkedIn Forms to Pardot - Fields Values Not Matching

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I’m working on a new Zap that would send anyone who fills out a native LinkedIn form directly into Pardot. 

However, when choosing what values in LinkedIn to populate into which fields in Pardot, the fields aren’t matching at all.

For example, for the Pardot “Email” field, I want to pull in the person’s work email address. But, in searching through available data in LinkedIn, it shows that the “Work Email” field is populated with an individual’s job title, which isn’t a valid email address, so the Zap fails to work.

Similarly, when choosing which campaign to add the lead to, it’s only listing some of the Pardot campaigns but nowhere near all, so the one I need to find is not available. 

Is this just a poor integration for LinkedIn or is there something else going on here? It’s making Zapier an unviable solution.

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Hi @ScottAgility -

I would love to help with this! I think I understand the trouble you are encountering, but to be sure, I’d like to request a screenshot as a visual representation. A screenshot in similar fashion to this, can help me diagnose any issues you may be experiencing and follow along with your concerns. 

Looking forward to working through this with you and hoping I can be of some help! 

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Here is a screenshot showing that I picked the correct field value (work email) but the data showing is not accurate. This is happening in multiple fields to the point where I cannot get this to work at all.

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@ScottAgility Oh yes, I see what you are talking about! Unfortunately, this is something outside of the scope to assist with here in the Community. But the good news is, with your Zapier Plan, you have access to our Support team who can take a closer look into your account, and see if we can get you set up right. I know this is likely not the response you were looking for, but my hope is that they can address this quickly and get you squared away.