Mailchimp Tag based zaps stopped working suddenly

  • 25 October 2022
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We have a Zap that triggers when an existing Mailchimp audience gets a “THISTAG” tag. This zap has now been working pretty smoothly for 2 years. Suddenly, this week, it stopped working.

When I test the trigger, it seems to connect just fine to Mailchimp. But in a live situation, it doesn’t.

Zapier support asked me to turn it off and turn it back on. So, I turned it off and now - it doesn’t turn back on! The error I get is: 

“Step 1 - New Subscriber in Segment or Tag in Mailchimp

The app did not respond in-time. It may or may not have completed successfully.”

So it seems like, for whatever reason, the Zap, in live mode is not connecting to Mailchimp OR is messing up somewhere with Tags. (Another Mailchimp tag-based Zap got the same error today, so it seems like a tag thing). 

Any idea of why this is happening and why this would suddenly stop working? It is not even the number of subscribers with that tag (it’s about 1500) because it is getting triggered only when the tag is applied to subscribers - that dataset is between 50 and 70 for us, so pretty small.

I would appreciate any thoughts!



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3 replies

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Hi @sunillala 

For such issue zapier has documented a solution here:

Also try duplicating the zap.

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Hi @sunillala 

Good question.

Make sure you are using the newest version of the Mailchimp Zap app integration.

Mailchimp Status page doesn’t indicate any current issues:

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Hi @sunillala, are you still experiencing this issue?