Mailchimp Subscribers not tagged in Mailchimp after purchesing a plan on Wix website

  • 19 November 2023
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Hi, I’m new to Zapier and I have just created my first Zap by connecting my Wix pricing plan form and my Mailchimp audience that is tagged so a customer journey can be send out to whoever purchase a plan on my landing page. I am having trouble getting my subscribers through Zapier into Mailchimp.

I have asked Mailchimp for support first and they have told me the subscribers are not getting an email  because they are not being tagged as they have not agreed to subscribing to my emails so I have connected to Wix support and they have helped me amend my form to have anyone that purchase through that form to be automatically subscribed. Then I tested again and the first email went through and tag the subscriber, send the customer journey out but as soon as I tried another email it didn’t tag it at all. Which is odd to me. Then I connected to Mailchim support again and they told me that it’s not syncing correctly with Zapier so the subscribers don’t go through at all.

I also have a challenge as this product can be bought multiple times by a customer and I would need the customer journey in Mailchimp to be send out to the same customer every time they buy the product. Is there a way to set this in Zapier so the customer can restart the journey if they purchase again and again?

Also could you help me with solving the mystery of why my subscribers are not getting through to Mailchimp?

Thank you so much for your help and support.


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Hi @LEW -Petra 

Good question.

Make sure to adjust the Mailchimp Customer Journey settings.


Contact repeats journey
Allows contacts to repeat a journey multiple times.
After a contact exits a journey, we’ll block them from re-starting it for 5 minutes.
This is designed to help prevent abuse.