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MailChimp “New or Updated Subscriber” trigger only works when manually updated

  • 19 August 2022
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I’m using the MailChimp “New or Updated Subscriber” trigger, but it only works if I manually update the subscriber myself from the MailChimp dashboard.

If I use a Customer Journey to manage my contacts and add/remove them from certain groups based on their tags, the Zap does not get triggered.

Is that to be expected? Any workarounds?


Ultimately, I’m using tags that can be applied automatically based on user behavior. (i.e. fill out a MC survey and get tagged accordingly) Which will then trigger a Customer Journey to add or remove them from certain groups. Which *should* then trigger the Zap to carry out the rest of the automation.

The crux of it is that the contact should be able to repeat this whole process as many times as they qualify, starting from the beginning with that very first behavior that applies the first tag.


I’ve tested that the zap does get triggered repeatedly from the same contact profile and from the same group, but only when I’m doing it myself. Meaning, I add them to a group, the zap gets triggered. I remove them from the same group, the zap gets triggered. I re-add them, the zap gets triggered. And so on and so forth.

But if that person is added to a group via Customer Journey…...nothing.


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Hey there, @DavidLGS

Oh, that’s interesting! I wonder if you may be onto something in terms of workflows that started with “Customer Journey” not triggering the zap. 🤔

I did some digging and while this is an old feature request (it’s still open by the way 😔) it’s somewhat related in that Zapier isn’t pulling automated campaigns from Mailchimp.

If you’re still working on this, while it sounds like expected behavior at the moment, I might recommend opening a ticket with my friends in support. I have a hunch this is likely going to be a new feature request, in which case they’ll be best positioned to help. 

Keep us posted though! I’m definitely curious to hear if anyone else in the Community has come up with nifty workarounds for this.

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There are no workarounds. It’s broken inside of mailchimp. I talked to their support and it’s a known bug with no timeline of being corrected. 

I also tried it with their Classic Automations, and that DOES work; however, contacts can only go through a classic automation once, and I need them to repeat for infinity.


I even tried setting this up through their API via webhooks and that doesn’t do anything either. 

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Gah, that’s a bummer - I’m sorry to hear that!

Thank you so much for closing the loop here and letting us know your findings from Mailchimp though. It’s definitely appreciated.