Lemlist authentication error: The app returned, "The authentication you supplied is incorrect."

  • 7 September 2022
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I am trying to create a connection between Lemlist and Pipedrive but I can't.

Also, the trigger I'm interested in "mark a prospect as interested" doesn't appear. Is it because of the Free plan of the Zapier account that the options are limited? 


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3 replies

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Hi @Marcy 2N!

If you’re seeing that error, it means that there’s a problem connecting one of the apps to Zapier. Which app were you trying to connect when you saw that issue?


the trigger I'm interested in "mark a prospect as interested"

Is that from Pipedrive or Lemlist? In either case you might be able to use the ‘New Activity’ trigger and then select the type of activity you want to trigger the Zap. We can double check whether or not marking a prospect as interested would fit into that if you let us know which app you’re using as a trigger. 


Being on a Free plan doesn’t limit the triggers or actions that you have available within an app. It does limit which apps you can use, the number of Zaps you have, the number of tasks you can have per month and the number of steps in your Zap. You can find more information about that on our pricing page: Scroll to the bottom to see some frequently asked questions :) 



Hi Danvers, Oh Thank you so much !

This message appear when i'm trying to connect Zapier and my Lemlist account.

I'm trying to connect Lemlist and Zapier.

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Thanks for letting us know which app you saw the error with. 

Did you get the login details for Lemlist on the integrations screen from your Lemlist dashboard? That’s what the help text suggests when you’re logging in. 


If you tried that and are still having trouble, then it’ll be best to talk to the Zapier Support team to look at this with you. I can see that you already have a ticket open with them, so you can reply to their last email with the details that they asked for.