Klaviyo & Wheel of Popups Connection - Internal Server Error

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I am trying to reconnect a connection with Wheel of Popups. The connection has been working but then it suddenly expired. When I have tried to reconnect the app using API, I get an ‘internal server error’.

Wheel of Popups have confirmed there are no errors and it appears to be a bug. 


The connection to Wheel of Popups is active for one of our subdomains and works perfectly - as shown in the screenshot.


This is a huge revenue stream for our CRM Klaviyo and I’d appreciate any advice as to resolving it ASAP.


Thank you!



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Welcome to the Community, @madmonkey! 🙂

Thanks for reaching out about this! I’m so sorry to hear this has happened. I did some checking on this end but couldn’t find any other reports of this behaviour at the minute.

Has anything changed to the details you’re using to connect to Wheel of Popups with? I’m just wondering if the API Key has expired or has been revoked somehow.

Could you try generating a new API Key in Wheel of Popups and then try reconnecting the app account again? It might also be worth entering the domain for your website when connecting, even though it’s marked as an optional field, just in case that helps.

Look forward to hearing how that goes! 

Nothing has changed with WoP. However, I have requested a new API key from Wheel of Popups but considering the API is already connected with our offer.mad URL then I don’t believe there is an issue with the API. 

I have also entered the domain with the same results.


I believe the issue is on Zapier’s side. 

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Hi there @madmonkey,

It looks like you have already contacted our Support team regarding this issue. Here’s their latest response:

I just had a look at our logs and it looks like the account used for the Wheel of Popups connection is Unauthenticated. Just to cross out possible access issues here, could you double-check that the API Key and Website you entered are correct and that the API key has the right permissions to access data in Wheel of Popups? Please don't hesitate to share a screenshot of your permission level in their platform if you need a second pair of eyes on this one.

I suggest continuing the conversation with our Support team so that they can take a closer look on why this is happening.

Thank you for understanding!