Kajabi: The app returned "email is already taken"

  • 11 June 2024
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This has been asked for another tool but I wasn’t able to get this to work for GHl/Kajabi.

An existing client purchased a program from us today via a FB ad that is linked to our GHL, but because they already have a Kajabi account, the zap spit out an error and didn't  give the client access.

I went in and manually granted the user access and they probably aren’t aware it even happened as I granted the offer within minutes of the order because it popped up while I was checking emails, just luck on my part.

In the Kajabi integration, there are only three events, Create Form Submission, Grant Access to an Offer or Revoke Access to an Offer so I can’t use any of these to search for the user in Kajabi BEFORE creating an account for a new user in case their email exists.

I’m not highly skilled with Zaps yet so wanted to come ask the community because my efforts are failing.

If needed, I can remake the Zap to use the form submission but I’m reluctant because other than this issue, everything is working perfectly.

Any suggestions?

1 reply

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Hi @thetrufflebox 

You may have to try reaching out to Kajabi Support for possible guidance.

Doesn’t look like there is a public Kajabi API to review.

You may have to keep a lookup table to reference in the Zap.