Kajabi doesn't grant offer when ThriveCart bump is triggered

  • 20 December 2022
  • 7 replies

I am trying to grant the offer of the bump through a zap once it is purchased, however, once I log in to the account the bump offer is not granted, it only shows the access to the main product which was purchased… anyone knows how I can fix it? Is it something I have to change in Zapier or maybe in Kajabi?

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7 replies

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Hi @CelinerogerTV 


Can you please give us more details to be able to help you? Maybe screenshots?

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Hey @CelinerogerTV - I’m sorry your Zap isn’t working the way you need. To help us help you (because we can’t see the Zaps in question) 

Could you provide us with some more info? Namely… 

  • Is the Zap not triggering at all, as in, when you go to your run history ( ) - do you see that the purchases are being sent over? 
  • If you do see some runs there, click one - do you see any errors or anything to indicate what might be the issue? Grab some screenshots if you can :) 

If everything looks good but you go to Kajabi and don’t see those new users, it could mean that when you built your Zap you authorized this..

(view larger)

so check your Zap and see if you have this marked as YES. 

Which would mean that the offer grant was SENT to the new person but...they need to confirm/accept before it appears in Kajabi. 

Give it all a look and let us know :) 

I went in the Zap’s history as you mentioned but there is nothing there… What could be the issue?

Here are some screenshots of what appears.

Also, I noticed that the label when the bump was purchased was the name of the main product and not of the bump itself… Is it normal? the only place the bump’s name appears is after “bump id” where it says “name”.


Indeed, when I go to history I can’t find any zaps even though I did some tests and purchased the product… what can I do to change that?

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@CelinerogerTV, can you please provide more details on both your trigger and your action, I do see some notes in our system around “New Form Submission” and “Create Form Action”, but want to make sure I’m looking into the correct thing. 

The trigger is : when bump is purchased from thrivecart and Action : grant access to an offer in kajabi

For my main products, the trigger is when product is purchased from thrivecart → create form submission in kajabi however, I don’t want people to have to complete two forms if they purchase my bump with the main product, which is why I want the bump offer to be granted when it is purchased.

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Hi @CelinerogerTV!

Let’s start with your question about the information that you get from the ThriveCart trigger. The New Bump Purchase trigger should include the name and ID of the bump purchase, it will also show the name of the main purchase, so you’ll see that as well. 


It sounds like you want to do two things when someone buys a bump purchase: grant access to an offer in Kajabi and also submit a form on their behalf. Is that right?

If so, you need a Zap that looks like this:

  1. Thrivecart - Bump purchase
  2. Filter - only continue if bump name (or ID) matches a specific value
  3. Kajabi - Grant Access to an Offer
  4. Kajabi - Create Form Submission


The Zap will trigger for any Bump purchase, if you’d like to only submit a form for a certain bump product/s then you’ll need to add a filter to the Zap, so it looks like this:

  1. Thrivecart - Bump purchase
  2. Filter - only continue if bump name (or ID) matches a specific value
  3. Kajabi - Grant Access to an Offer
  4. Kajabi - Create Form Submission

If you have a Zap or Zaps set up like that and they aren’t running when you know that you’ve had a new bump purchase, first make sure that the Zap is published and turned on. If it is and you still can’t see anything in the Zap history, the best thing to do is to contact the Support Team using the Get Help form. They will be able to take a deeper look at your Zap and its logs with you. 

I hope that helps, let us know if you have any questions!