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Jotform to SharePoint List Zap- Data not filling into columns

  • 21 July 2023
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Hi Zapier Team,

I'm having some trouble, per advice in my last post I have looked through some guides and created a Zap from Jotform to SharePoint so that when a form is submitted, a list item in SharePoint is created. The Zap is working correctly, however it does not fill into the columns and I'm not sure if this is possible? 


I've attached some screenshots below of what is happening. I'm assuming it's an issue with my Jotform titles perhaps? Since the form is a registration form and the list is connected to a powerapp for safety checks, not all fields need to be filled out, just the basic customer details. 





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Additionally I've searched the forums and seen suggestions to use the API Request (Beta). But am recieving the below error.

I've tried using the below URL formats but the are still not working, I've also tried using the actual URL as seen in the screenshot which is also not working.










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Hi @chelzchan ,

Right now the Create List Item action for Sharepoint doesn’t allow you to set any fields other than the title. We do have an open feature request, and I’ve added your name as somebody who’s interested in it. I can’t say when it will get prioritized, but we do use these lists when prioritizing what to improve.

Since your name is on that list you’ll be the first to know when it gets released.

As for the API Request, that might be possible. The SharePoint API is quite tricky…

First, you’ll want to do a POST, not a PUT.

Second, the URL you’ll want to use would be:'list_id_goes_here’)/items

Third, you don’t want to map those fields into Headers. Instead you’ll need to set up the Body to be the correctly formatted JSON. Something like:



"formValues": [


        "FieldName": "Title",

         "FieldValue": "title_goes_here"



        “FieldName”: “Registration”,

        “FieldValue”: “registration_value_goes_here”




Now, I’m not even sure that will work. But it’s where I’d start if I were trying to get this to work for my SharePoint. I’m making some guesses based on the documentation here.

Let me know if you have any more questions

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Hello there friends! 👋

Good news! The feature request shalgrim mentioned has now been implemented! 🎉

The Create List Item action has been updated to allow the other fields on a list item to be populated, not just the title. There’s nothing extra you need to do to access this functionality, after selecting a list from the List field’s dropdown menu the additional fields for the list item will automatically load in the Zap. 

@chelzchan - not sure if you were able to get the API Request (Beta) action fully working? If you did, that’s fine, no need to change your Zap. But if not, you might want to update the Zap to use the Create List Item action instead which will allow you to populate the other fields for the list item. 

Happy Zapping! ⚡

this is still now working , i can see only title. 

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Hi @Jai Patel ,

A couple of things to check:

  1. Is it possible you’re using an older version of the SharePoint integration? If you’re using an older version the step will look something like this ( where it will have a number in parentheses
  2. Does the list you’re linking to have more than a Title field? Can you send a screenshot of the list along with the step in the Zapier editor?
  3. Can you try selecting a different list than switching back to the list you want to use to see if that refreshes the fields for you?