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Jotform getting “502 Server Error” throttling errors

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I have multiple Zaps that integrate JotForms with Trello. These were working as expected a week ago. Then, I started getting multiple “502 Server Error” emails, which I have gotten in the past when Trello/JotForm have been down temporarily. However, I’ve been getting them every day for the past 5 days or so, but I didn’t see any failed Zaps. Then, this morning, I received a new error email with this message: “Trigger partner failure: ('Jotform throttling', 60)”


I went into the Zaps and it said I needed to reconnect my JotForm account, which I did (no changes have been made to my JotForm account or Zapier account). After I reconnected my account, I went to the next step to make sure it was working properly. However, now I am getting the error below when trying to select a form as a trigger:



Any recommendations for this? Like I said, we have not made any changes to our account as far as I’m aware. 


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Add me to the list. 

Experiencing the same issue here. Jotform > Asana zap is triggering. Please add me to the list re: updates/resolution.


We’re having the same issue. I’ve tried to reconnect the JotForm, but get told the account link is expired as soon as I try to publish the update.

We’re also having this issue and looking for updated info.

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Please add us to the list as well. We’ve received dozens of emails with alerts for weeks. 

We are affected as well

we’re encountering this problem as well. please add us to the list. thank you

Can you add me to the list of affected users? We’re struggling with this now and it’s impeding our workflows.

@User Services is there a status on when this issue will be fixed? It is affecting many users across the platform. Thanks

I’m also experiencing this issue, please add me to the list. Thanks!

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I did some checking and this error looks to be the result of by a recently reported bug with the JotForm app. So I’ve added you to the list of affected users.

I don’t have any workarounds to suggest in the meantime, but we’ve got your contact details logged on the bug report so we’ll email the minute it’s been fixed. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon! 🤞

Hey everyone, thanks so much for letting us know - I know it’s frustrating.

As of right now, we’ve been in touch with the Jotform team. They’re aware and looking into this. While we don’t have a timeline for a fix, we’ll absolutely continue to keep ya’ll updated once we know more.

Everyone up until this point has been added to the list and will receive an email once this has been closed. If you’re lurking, no worries. You can be notified at that time by subscribing to this thread, as we’ll share that here too.

As always, we appreciate your patience!

im having the same issue! please add me to the list!

same issue here.  please add me to the list

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Thanks for letting us know you’re also being affected here @cameroncfm and @brellen.

I’ve not got any news to share at this point but I can confirm that we’ve added you both to the list of affected users. So that means we’ll be able to email you as soon as it’s sorted.

Thank you all for your continued patience here. Fingers crossed it won’t be much longer! 🤞



Having the same issue- please add me to the list.

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Can you at least turn off the notification errors for those of us that are affected? My inbox just today has a flood of alerts, and it’s hindering our team from being able to work efficiently. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone in this thread. 

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Is there seriously no update yet? This is day 3 I’m unable to edit my zaps, save my zaps, or anything. What is going on?!?! I want reimbursement for some of my service because this is absolutely unacceptable I cannot run a business this way and you will absolutely lose my business if this isn’t resolved today.

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Can you at least turn off the notification errors for those of us that are affected? My inbox just today has a flood of alerts, and it’s hindering our team from being able to work efficiently. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone in this thread. 

YUP SAME . This is a freaking mess. 

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Everytime I go to publish my zap, it tells me I have to reconnect my jotform account. I have dont this at least 4 dozen times now over the last 3 days. I CANNOT receive data and none of my systems are working. Contact me immediately.

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we are also experiencing this issue which is affecting all of our onboarding forms intergrations

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Still having issues and now getting this email notification as if its the first time its being noticed… Can we get some sort of an update? This is now three days my entire business onboarding operation is disrupted significantly and it is unacceptable. 

I am also getting the same error message. Please add me to the list. 




Trigger partner failure: ('Jotform throttling', 60)

Same situation, getting very frustrating. This is affecting my business clientele not to mention the ridiculous number of Zapier alerts I am getting in my email. I’ve notified Jotform as well.



Please add me to the list of notifications as well. 
experiencing the same issue.