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Jotform getting “502 Server Error” throttling errors

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Same problem here. Please add me to the list. 

We have quite a number of forms that are dependent on this integration. 

Exactly the same for me too, for all my Jotform zaps

Please also add me to the list. we just transitioned to jotform.

Same issue here, please add us to the list!

Same issue. Please add me to the list as well. Thanks!

I am also getting the jotform throttling error. Can you add me to the list?


Same issue happening across my account and clients’ with integrations created with Jotform. 

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Hi all! 👋

Thank you all for reaching out here to let us know that you’re also being affected by these errors. 

@Justinillig@Home Equity Partner@J_stiller@Jake IV@therealrobbiep@natalee@SHC@Geoff L and @denispaghetti - happy to confirm that we’ve got all of you added to the list of affected users as well now.

We’ll be in touch by email once it’s been resolved. I don’t have any ETA on when a fix will be implemented but we’ll be sure to share any updates here, as and when we have them. 🙂

Add me to the list, for the past months it was just 502 and now it’s the full-blown throttling. 95% of my emails are from this error.

I am also experiencing this.


Please add me to the list to be notified. 

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Hi all! 

Thank you all for posting here to let us know that these errors are also affecting you.

We're happy to say that you have been added to the list of affected users.

Once it's fixed, we'll let you know by email. We're still determining when a fix will be made, but we'll post any new information here as soon as we have it. 

I am still experiencing Jotform throttling error since this morning. Please add me to list of users

We are also having this issue. Please add us to the list!


Please add us to the list as well. Thank you!

same issue. Please add to this “list”. 

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Same issue here. Seems like Zaps are still working...but getting flooded with emails.

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HI, Please add me to the list as well. I have the same issues with, at this point 70% of our zaps. 

Hello, I am also experiencing this issue. Please add me to the list. Thanks!

Hi, I am having the same issue. Please add me as well. Thanks!

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Me, too, for a few days now :(

same issue for me - connecting jot form to constant contact and then pipfy for leads from jotform on a landing page. see my error below.

Failed to fetch a submission from Jotform

Error while retrieving: ('Jotform throttling', 60)

I am experiencing this issue as well, please add me to the notification list. Thanks!

I’m also getting the same error. Please let me know once it’s been resolved. Thanks.

We are getting this issue as well on my partners account.   It’s preventing us from connecting all of our new website clients. 

I’m getting the same error.