Jobber Request Form Trigger Not Working? Jobber is The Problem? Or Zapier?

  • 7 December 2023
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Why does Jobber request form trigger not work?? I set up an automation to send a slack or whatapp message any time a new request is filled, but it is not picking up the triggers, I submitted 3 test submissions and none worked. It says there is no zap history, so it was not a failed zap. Jobber seems to not be sending any notifications to Zapier when a request is made. Any ideas what might be causing this? 

2 replies

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Hi @Geek4lyfee 

Good question.

Have you tried reaching out to Jobber Support for guidance in troubleshooting their Zap app integration?

Jobber Status page to reference:

I did! They basically said they do not know why it is not sending information, and that they will “look” at it, but they did nothing to resolve the issue. The problem is with Jobber, not Zapier. They have done that a lot where they claim they can do things with their platform, but it is a broken feature just there for marketing purposes.