Jibble: Automate export of CSV-Timesheets every month

  • 12 January 2024
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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do an automatic export of CSV files from Jibble to Onedrive, Google Sheets/Excel Online or anything like that. According to this:
    What you can automate with Zapier

this should be possible.
However, when I set up the Zapier action "Find Timesheets Report as a CSV in Jibble"
and test it, I get this returned (numbers replaced with 12345.. for privacy):

Odata Type #Jibble.TimeAttendance.Data.Entities.ExportLog
Person Id 123456-495b..
Organization Id 123456-..
Name Timesheet Report
File Name
Created On 2024-01-08T..
File Size Bytes 0
Mime Type
Status InProgress
Request Parameters Hash Id 123456-..
Job Id 123456-..
ID 12345-..
Zap Search Was Found Status true

The odata line links to an XML file with something like:
<Schema Namespace="Jibble.Common.Model">

No tracked data is in there. Otherwise, I cannot see anything like a file there. Hence, I cannot get “a handle” to any CSV file.

Am I doing anything wrong or is this not possible?

8 replies

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Hi @n00b, welcome to the Community! 👋

I took a look into this and it seems that there should be a field called URL that should contain url to the CSV file. But I’m not seeing that on the list of fields mentioned in your post.

Can you take another look through the results of the test to see if there’s a URL field that was previously missed? It might also help to try searching for a different timesheet report to see if the issue is specific to that report or all reports.

If not if may be that there’s some bug that’s preventing it from being output. In which case it might be worth reaching out to the Support team to report this so they can investigate this further. 

Looking forward to hearing from you on this!

Thanks for your answer @SamB.

I checked again and there is no URL in the result. Only in the next step (upload it to Google Drive), in the dropdown of “search all available fields” in “Find Timesheets Report as a CSV in Jibble”, there is a field called “CSV Url".
However, after completing this action with File=”CSV Url”, File Name=”File Name” and File Extension=”Mime Type” (not sure about this one; but inserting “csv” here I’ve also tried) I get:
“Failed to create an upload file in Google Drive
Required field "file" (file) is missing.”
Seems like the result from the test somehow omits the URL.

And your suggestion to test another timesheet: That’s a second problem I have not figured out yet: “Find Timesheets Report as a CSV in Jibble” requests a

Start Date in the format YY-MM-DD which I set to “[1. DateYear: 2024]-[1. Date Month: 1]-01”. And an
End Date set to “[1. DateYear: 2024]-[1. Date Month: 1]-31”.

Not sure if this is correct but it’s at least according to the requested format and seemed to work. However, I have no idea how to make this dynamic, i.e. for “On the first of each month, get the timesheet of the entire PREVIOUS month” would require something like

Start Date = “[1. DateYear: 2024]-([1. Date Month: 1]-1)-01”


EDIT: I have just tried the timesheet of December with manually set Start Date=”2023-12-01” and End Date=”2023-12-31”. Still, nothing has changed: There is no URL in the result and still the same error “failed to create an upload...”

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Thanks for getting back to me @n00b

That’s very strange. Does the CSV Url field contain any value or does it say “No data” when you select it in the Google Drive action?

I can’t see into your Zap so would really appreciate it if you could share some screenshots showing the current setup of that Upload File action as well as the available Jibble fields you’re seeing in the Zap. I’d like to take a closer look to see if there’s anything we can use in the fields to generate the necessary url to the file and whether there’s anything on the setup there that might be causing those errors. Remember to remove/hide any private information (like names, emails, addresses etc.) from any screenshots before sharing.

As for making the selection of the dates dynamic, you’d usually select the start and end dates from a previous trigger or action step in the Zap. If the dates are in the incorrect format though you’d need to pass them through a Formatter (Date/Time > Format) action. Check out our Modify date and time formats in Zaps guide for more details on how to do that.

Keen to get this sorted so will be keeping an eye out for your reply!

Sorry for the late answer @SamB 
I was preoccupied with other stuff this week.

Yes, “CSV Url” says “No data”. Will try to upload two screenshots later, at the moment it does not work: “Something went wrong, please check your link and try again”.




These are the available fields in the Google Sheets action btw:


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So sorry for missing your replies here @n00b!

Hmm, from the screenshot the Find Timesheets Report as a CSV action was successful as it’s the Zap Search Was Found Status is true: 

But the CSV Url field is saying “No data” as it’s not got anything in that field that it can pass to the Google Drive action. Which to me seems like this could well be a bug with the Jibble app on Zapier so I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team so they can investigate and open up a bug report for this. You can get in touch with them here:

I don’t think we’ll be able to use those details that are returned from the Jibble action to dynamically generate our own version of the export url unfortunately. The only workaround in the meantime I can think of would be to use a Webhook by Zapier action to get the timesheet report that way. But, looking at Jibble’s API documentation I’m not seeing any mention of a CSV file for the Tracked Time Report endpoint here, so it looks as though the app they built might be using an endpoint that’s not publicly available currently. So I’d recommend also contacting Jibble’s Support team to confirm this.

Sorry to not have a more immediate solution to suggest here, please do keep us in the loop on how you get on.