Issues with updating Pipedrive deal fields with Intercom data in Zapier based on conditional "true" status.

  • 21 September 2023
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I have a zap that is triggered when a new deal is made in Pipedrive. I the use that Deal data to search for a user in Intercom and then use that Intercom data to populate custom fields in Pipedrive.

I have a field called stores, which I’d like to populate with certain data.

The issue I’m having is the data I want to populate sometimes will have a status of true and sometimes false. I want to only display data when its true.

I can’t use a filter as that is basically an if statement which will become false if any of those data points aren’t true.

Any advice on how I can grab the data if its true and store it to be used in the update deal section?

6 replies

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Hi @Harry Zenstores 

Good question.

Perhaps try using a Formatter step.


  • Formatter > Text > Default Value
  • Formatter > Text > Replace
  • Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table


Hi @Troy Tessalone Ah, nice one, will have a look at the Formatter. Just to check, do you mean I should use all three of those options in that order? Or do you mean that one of those options ought to do the job?

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@Harry Zenstores 

One of those options should work.

@Troy Tessalone Any advice on how to actually do this? I’m not currently able to get the list of attributes that are true coming back. I’ve set the look up key to true, and set the look up table to my attribute that returns either true or false. See below for screenshot:

Have I misunderstood how the look upt able works?

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@Harry Zenstores 

Help article about lookup tables:


@Troy Tessalone Thanks for the link to the help guide, looking at the use cases on that guide I don’t think it will do what I need but will have another experiment. Thanks for your help so far.