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Issues with Date/time formatting in Google Sheets

  • 3 August 2022
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Hi all,

I have numerous zaps from PPC ads/web leads filtered into Google sheets, this has been running fine until this week. 

All the data is being pulled correctly other than the date and time, which now appears as a random set of numbers. 

e.g 44600.2868055556

Nothing has been edited or changed with Zapier and it seems this issue has literally happened overnight. 

The zaps itself seems to be showing no issues and when I preview the link, the data input all seems to be correct, the issue seems to be at the point of filtering this data into the Google sheet. 



Best answer by jayeshkumarbhatia 3 August 2022, 13:07

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4 replies

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Hey @Jet ,


From which app are you getting this number? Can you share screenshot from Data Out from Zapier History?


Hi Jaye,

These are coming from various apps, Webhooks/Facebook/Google Ads are the 3 main ones I believe. The issue seems to be with all of them.



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Hey @Jet ,


This looks like column formatting issue. Can you check what is the format of this column on Google Sheet? You can know this by clicking Selecting whole column → Select Format → Number → Find the format of this column 

Thanks Jaye,

That definitely seems to be what the issue is.

The format on the entire column is set to the Date/Time, however on the recent data that has the issues, these individual fields are set to automatic.

I have changed these fields manually to Date/Time which has fixed the issues on the info that is already on the sheet.

However my concern now would be new leads that are coming through reverting to “automatic” formatting.

Thanks again for your help!