Issue with zap integrating Eventbrite and Mailchimp - "Invalid Resource"

  • 18 December 2023
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I’ve been using Zapier to integrate both my Eventbrite and Mailchimp account for years without any issues, but for the past month I’ve add an error coming back saying that essentially the zap could not run and the error is “invalid resource”.

I’m definitely pulling off the “Profile Email Address” from Eventbrite but the data that has come up for some users when the zap fails is “Info Requested” instead of the user email address so no wonder the zap could not run!

I believe this might come up from an additional GDPR requirement from Eventbrite. Anyone has face a similar issue and find their way around it?


Thanks a lot for your help with this!

1 reply

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Hi @anaiscomot 

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This happens when one person orders multiple tickets and does not fill in the contact information for each ticket holder. Unfortunately, Eventbrite only requires the information for the ticket purchaser and requests the info for additional holders. Took me a while to find this on an Eventbrite support page. I’m not sure if there is any way to require the information. 


This likely has to do with this experiment that Eventbrite is currently running where users can fill out a form after buying a ticket.