Issue with sending full event details from Notion to Microsoft Outlook.

  • 25 June 2023
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I want to sent Calendar items form Notion > Outlook. (New event in Notion > new calendar event in Outlook)
When i look into the data which are provided by Outlook, i have a great list of items (See the end of this message, Each item is bold), i thought that i could use the most of this information to set up an new template in Notion.

But: this did not work out.

Here is my problem.
When i make an item in my Notion calendar (with a template) see picture Item.NotionToOutlook.jpg

the trigger works but it will not sent all the information to Outlook (as an event - see picture Item.Outlook.Calendar.jpg)


Note: if i fill in the location, this will not be sent to Outlook Calendar

Note: if i give a timezone (MGT+2:00 in my Notion) it will not appear in Outlook.

Then i noticed that i can only get a certain amount of information form Notion to Outlook (see picture NotiontoOutlook.jpg)



My question is: am i doing things wrong?

And, if not: how can i sent more info from Notion to the Outlook Calendar?

Note: an Outlook calendar event has a body in which you can put information, how can i use this in my template?

The same with attachments?


I hope someone can give me some clues.




== list of items of an Outlook item

id  xxxx

createdDateTime 2023-06-25T10:28:41.6187821Z

lastModifiedDateTime 2023-06-25T10:28:41.6632431Z

changeKey Dd7PPfAF3EKCfP1/Kb8T4QAGaubqGg== categories transactionId originalStartTimeZone UTC

originalEndTimeZone UTC

iCalUId yyyy

reminderMinutesBeforeStart 15

isReminderOn true

hasAttachments false

subject Testen of Notion werkt versie 2

bodyPreview Testen of Notion werkt versie 2

importance normal

sensitivity normal

isAllDay false

isCancelled false

isOrganizer true

responseRequested true

seriesMasterId showAs busy

type singleInstance

webLink …...1&path=/calendar/item

onlineMeetingUrl isOnlineMeeting false

onlineMeetingProvider unknown

allowNewTimeProposals true occurrenceId

isDraft false

hideAttendees false

responseStatus response organizer

time 0001-01-01T00:00:00Z recurrence onlineMeeting

startDateTime 2023-06-22T15:00:00Z

endDateTime 2023-06-22T15:00:00Z

organizer name M.J. XXXs


3 replies

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Hi @M.J., welcome to the Community!
If the timezones supplied for the Start Date & Time and End Date & Time fields aren’t being interpreted correctly perhaps you need to set the timezone in the Outlook Calendar to match the timezone that’s used by Notion? See: Zap dates or times are incorrect for more troubleshooting tips. 🙂

It looks as though the Description field is able to accept HTML so you could use HTML to format the information that is sent from Notion. For example to have the 3 Notion fields (Description, Summary and Object) you’ve already selected for the Description field appear in three different lines like:

You would use the following HTML:

<b>Description:</b> [selected field goes here]<br>

<b>Summary:</b> [selected field goes here]<br>

<b>Object:</b> [selected field goes here]<br>


Which would look something like this:
And that formatted text would look like this in the event description in Outlook:

You would then need to add in additional lines for the other desired fields, formatted with the same HTML as shown above. If you’ve not familiar with HTML you can learn more about how to use it to format text here: W3schools > HTML Tutorial

Hope that helps. If I’ve misunderstood what you’re looking to do here or you run into any issues on that just let us know! 

Hi SamB,

Sorry i did not get back to u sooner (i was busy at my work).
I understand that i can put additional lines.

But what i do not understand is what information is exchanged between the Notion database and the Outlook calendar (fields).
Question: is it necessary that the Notion database names are the same as the Outlook calendar field (names)
(F.i. Notion name = Adres vs Outlook name = location/ locatie?)
If so: how can i match them if the name differ?
And: is there an article or helpfile which can give me directions?

I have made screenshots for a new task item in my Notion database (a trip to a museum NAI (If you come to the Netherlands, you should pay it a visit)

But if i export this information - see image -  according to your remarks with the HTML-code

Then i see this result in my Outlook calendar (where as i put in the Zapier settings the UTC timezone correct and also in my Outlook setting)

If you look into this you can see that:

Date > correct

Time begin and time end > corret in Notion, Corret in image 2, not correct in Outlook

Status in Notion say Done, but in Outlook (field) is empty

Link in Notion is empty, so the Outlook (field) is empty > correct
GoogleRoute in Notion has information, but in Outlook (field) is empty

So what do i have to do to get the (all) information from Notion » Outlook?

Thanks in advance for looking into this.

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Hi there @M.J.,

I’m jumping in to see if I can help!

Since some data from Notion are not being pulled correctly, could you please try these troubleshooting steps for me?

  1. Turn off the Zap.
  2. Reconnect your Notion account here:
  3. Create a new database item in Notion, and ensure that the fields you want to be pulled is filled out.
  4. Load in a new sample data by going on the “Test” section of the trigger, and clicking on “Find new records” button.
  5. Select the newly created sample data, and remap the data mapped in your Microsoft Outlook step.
  6. Publish the Zap.
  7. Trigger the Zap while it’s published, and ensure that all of the fields in Notion is filled out.
  8. Check the Zap history to see if it the data you’re trying to pull in is returned successfully.

Please give that a try, and keep us posted! 😊