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Issue with Formatting and Images when Creating a Post on Circle via Zapier

  • 5 October 2023
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I’ve been facing a consistent issue when creating posts on Circle via Zapier. I use the Topic Description to insert the post content. However, regardless of how well-formatted the post is, it always ends up being published as a single paragraph, making the content look cluttered and disorganized.

Additionally, inserting images has been a challenge. I’ve managed to add them using HTML, but this is far from ideal. When there is no image, a broken image icon appears since the image URL is static. I'd prefer not to use HTML as on the Circle app, the HTML doesn’t display in the post but is shown as an attachment, requiring an extra click to view.

I've looked through past threads but haven't found a solution to this specific issue. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, how did you resolve it? Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @vinipires 

Good question.

To help us have context, please post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

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I faced significant challenges when creating a functional Zap for Circle and decided to share my journey and solutions with the community. Here, I describe each aspect of the Circle's "Action" that I used.

Post Example

Topic Name

Refers to the topic title, represented in a yellow rectangle in the interface.

Topic Description

Formatting and Images

The topic description, located in a green area, should contain all the content of the post, including images. I had issues with text formatting, as it initially didn’t maintain the desired structure. The solution was to use HTML to format the content. Ensure to start and end the text with <div> tags.

Integration with Zapier

In the integration with Zapier, I didn’t find a specific field to insert images, so including them directly in the HTML of the Topic Description proved to be the best option.

I wasn't sure how to format my text in HTML to automatically input it into the TOPIC DESCRIPTION. So, I integrated it with CHAT GPT to create the content the way I wanted it to appear in the TOPIC DESCRIPTION.

How to use Topic Description the right way

Additional Settings

Pin Top

Allows you to pin your post in the selected posting space.

Comments Enabled

Enables or disables the option to comment on the post.

Liking Enabled

Enables the option for likes and follows on the post.

User Email

Should be filled with the email of the person you want to appear as the author of the post.

Custom HTML

Allows for the insertion of extra HTML code. However, on Circle Mobile, this HTML is displayed as an attachment, affecting usability.

Visual and Privacy Adjustments

Disable Truncation

Controls whether the post is displayed partially, requiring the user to click on "SEE MORE" to view the full content, or if it is displayed in its entirety.

Hide Meta Info

Controls the display of the post author's information.

Unexplored Fields

I was unable to effectively identify or use the Meta Title, Meta Description, OpenGraph Title, OpenGraph Description, and Skip Notifications fields. I would appreciate any additional insights on these fields.

Challenge with Cover Image

I faced challenges adding a cover image to the post through Zapier. If anyone has a solution, please share with us.

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Thanks so much for circling back here to share your findings on this, @vinipires! 🤗

I couldn’t find any existing feature requests for the Circle app to have fields for images when creating a post. So I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team to ask that a feature request be opened up on your behalf. You can do that here:

In the meantime, I did wonder if using a Webhooks by Zapier action to create the post might allow you to specify the images and cover image. But, looking at the available parameters for the Create Post endpoint on Circle’s API it doesn’t appear to that images or cover images can be set when creating a post, although the cover image is shown in the response. Perhaps that might be why the option to set the images is missing from the Create Post action? At any rate it would be good to have a feature request opened up for this so that the app’s developers are made aware of the interest in this. 

If you do try using webhooks and manage to create the post with a cover image please do let us know. Keen to know whether it does the trick! 🙂