Issue to embed images in Gmail

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I want to embed an image into an automated gmail email. However, the image appears when the email is opened via outlook but not on my phone or on hotmail.

My code is : <img src="" width="500" height="150">


thanks a lot in advance

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Hi @De.Suzax 

Make sure the GDrive file is publicly accessible.

You may need to change the GDrive File Sharing preference.

Or you may need to host your image file elsewhere, such as on your website and use that file link.


When I checked the HTML in this tool it does not render:

Perhaps configure and use a Signature in Gmail.


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Hi @De.Suzax,

I wanted to check in here to see how you’re getting on. Were you able to try Troy’s suggestion?

Please do let us know if you’re still in need help on this - we’re  happy to assist further! 🤗