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Issue creating item on "Cannot read property 'map' or undefined" error

  • 9 October 2021
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Hello! I’m having trouble to set my zap. I actually set this zap before and it worked I don’t understand why it’s not working now: When a PandaDoc document is completed, create an item on and fill that item columns with information from the document completed in Panda. I tested the trigger on Panda an it worked good, the problem is when I set the action in

  1. I’m not able to fill the item columns with information as they are not shown on the action set up
  2. When I test the action it says: "Cannot read property 'map' or undefined" and it shows Board ID, Group and Item ID empty as if I wasn’t filled that up before which I did


  3. I set this zap before, and when I go and edit the zap that is already created it does not let me edit the item columns 


Did somebody has this issue too?


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20 replies

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Hi @Rocio Landivar 

Make sure you are using the newest version of the Monday app, as a newer version was recently released.


The extra fields means those fields have been removed from the Monday Board and are no longer applicable in the Zap, which is why they can’t be edited.

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@Troy Tessalone I use webside, I have the desktop app, but I just checked there isn’t a new version. Also the fields are still in Monday Board so that’s why I don’t understand. Anything else that might be happening? Do I need to add with the API again?

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@Troy Tessalone yeap, I just double check again and tried to link my with my API and still not working

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@Rocio Landivar 

Try reselecting the Monday Board ID.

Try rebuilding the Zap.


Might be worth opening a ticket with Zapier Support for additional assistance:

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@Troy Tessalone  I'm having the exact same issue! Any progress or outcome on this? I have tried re creating the Zap, the board in Monday and reconnecting the API. Nothing worked so far, its killing me atm, I cant create items in any new boards?

What did you mean by new App? I also use it online and there's on one Monday app selection in Zapier.


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I managed to get around the problem! I started deleting columns and hitting refresh to see if it maybe the column that was causing the issue and it started working as soon as I deleted the dropdown column type.

I then changed all my dropdown column types to status types and used them the same way. After that it populated all the fields from my board in, completed the zap and it worked.

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Awesome, I’m so glad you were able to find a solution, @QuintAus! Thanks so much for sharing that.

@Rocio Landivar if you’re still running into this, perhaps it might be worth giving this a shot? 

Otherwise, it does appear ya’ll stumbled on a bug. @QuintAus, it looks like you’ve already been added an impacted user to that report as well. We’ll be sure to keep you both updated via email as soon as we know more. We’ll also post here in the thread! 🙂

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@christina.d I can’t delete my monday colums because It’s a database and I have information saved in my columns :(. But yes please!!! keep me updated I really want to solve this matter already for more automate workflow on my processes

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Hi @christina.d any updates about the bug? It’s been already more than a month, I don’t know who is the best person to communicate in regards to this! I need the zap asap to automate my processes. Thank you!! :)

Have the same issue with Zapier to (via Gravity Forms). I added some additional columns (some dropdown, some not) on (to a board which a zap links to) and the zap stopped working. It started working again once I deleted the additional columns in This appears to only affect Dropdown columns, but only the new ones added after the Zap was originally activated (the board already had some dropdown columns).

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Hey @Rocio Landivar and @Explore! :)

@Explore, I’ve added you to the list of affected users as well.

I’ve checked and unfortunately there’s no updates to share on this at the minute. The integration is managed by their own developers but we will be sure to notify you both by email as soon as we get an update on this issue. Really wish I had some better news to share here, hopefully it will be resolved soon!

Hi @SamB I also have the same issue described by @Rocio Landivar 


Mine is occurring “when a new item is created in a View in Airtable, add some of the item details to a Monday board”. It’s been working for months, but today I realised I had forgotten to copy over one of the fields, and subsequently discovered this issue.


I did notice the new Airtable app (connection) and set up a completely new zap with this, but all I can add is the Item name, becasue it doesn’t give me access to any of the other fields in the Monday board. For information, I do have 2 Dropdown fields in the Monday board - but they have always been there.


All looks exactly like screenshots at the top of this thread. I wonder how many others have this issue but just haven’t noticed?! There’s no warning in Zapier dashboard, no email notification, nothing. But something that has been working for months just stops working?!

So I tried changing 2 of my dropdowns to Status fields, and the other to plain text, no difference.


Next I created a new Airtable API connnection, duplicated the Monday board (so it has a new board ID) - same thing!


I’ve been assessing Zapier and Integromat, using both for a system I’m developing, and while Integromat seems (to me anyway) to have a steeper learning curve, I don’t run into as many issues as with the Zapier automations. That, but mostly the lack of responsiveness to fixing issues ie Zapier things that were working, means that I will likely move all automations to Integromat.


For information: my zap ran successfully multiple times on 2 November.

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Thank you for reaching out and sharing your feedback and troubleshooting steps, @Scoobysnack!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve come across this issue! I went ahead and added you to the list of impacted users on that report. Sam touched on this earlier but it is worth mentioning, many of our partners (and specifically for the app) do manage their own integrations. We truly appreciate you giving us a shot and absolutely want you to go with the solutions that make your life easier!

We’ll definitely keep you and this thread updated as soon as we know more. Thanks again for taking the time to share your candid thoughts with us! 

Any updates on this? I contacted Monday support and they’re not interested in offering “tailored email support for clients using external tools like Zapier”. If not please add me to the list of affected users.

OK I found the solution to this in Monday’s community site. tl;dr all your dropdown columns need to have labels created for them before you try and call them in Zapier. Otherwise you get that error.

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Welcome to the community, @ns_at_c! No updates at the moment but I did get you added as an impacted user. 

Oh awesome, thanks so much for sharing this with everyone! Hopefully it helps get other users back on track as well. 🎉

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Hi all!

I wanted to keep the thread updated and let ya’ll know a fix has been merged and this should be working for ya’ll now! 🎉

If you’re still experiencing further errors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team! They’ll be happy to pull logs and dig in further for you. 

Thanks for your patience! 

Can somebody walk me through how to fix this or point me in the right direction? I had it working and now it says”

“Cannot read property 'create_item' of undefined”

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Hey @cherylbenke  I’ve gone ahead and added your affected user to this issue as well.