invalid value for idList on TL;DV Trello integration

  • 6 September 2023
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So, I am trying to set up a link between TL;DV and Trello through Zapier so I get all of the notes from meetings sent to a board. 

The problem is that when I run a test it comes up with “invalid value for idList”. I tried to troubleshoot it myself as I suspect it is something to do with the “Name” field in Action (as I saw that this was a problem on other community posts about integrations) but to no avail. 

Please help me troubleshoot this. 

Here are some of the options I have for name 





And here is the error


Would really appreciate your help ! 


Thank you!

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Hi @Andy Bohutsky 

Good question.

The mapped variables are not valid values for the List.

Instead, select a List from the dropdown option.