Inconsistent Zapier task count for Excel to Airtable import

  • 30 November 2023
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I have been testing out Zapier for a new order management app. Yesterday, I uploaded 147 rows with about 5 mapped columns from Excel into Zapier through my Zap. It showed that I had used 147 tasks (makes sense). Anyways, I then ran some tests after a few hours, and about 5 new rows were added throughout that course of time. I manually added one new row to the Excel spreadsheet, and deleted 2 previously imported rows from Airtable (app I am dumping info into) to see if they would be ported back in through my new update (so, likely 8 new rows total being imported). The Zap ran and it failed so I had to replay it and after I did that it said I had used 120 tasks?

I am quite confused as to what counts as a task… Each individual mapped cell? Each row? For example, does it count A:2, A:3, A:4, A:5, and A:6 all as one individual task or is row 2 = 1 task, row 3 = 1 task, etc.? Would like to understand why this happened. Thanks!

5 replies

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Hi @clairehunter 

Good question.

Help article about how tasks are counted:


Hi @Troy Tessalone 

I have read this article in the past. It has still left me wondering whether in an Excel sheet each individual cell is counted or each individual row? I would assume it is each individual row. Then, a question would be posed, why did it cost me 120 tasks for a mere 8 rows added? Thanks for the help.

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Hi @clairehunter 

Check your Zap Runs history to see your Zap Task Usage:


We would need to see screenshots with how your Zap steps are outlined.





@Troy Tessalone

I understand that. It says “New Row”. Why did it cost me 120 tasks when I only added 8 rows.

I also only have one action. Forgot to mention, I apologize. 


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Your Zap trigger is: Excel - Updated Row


Per the Excel Zap trigger description it will fire when a row is ADDED or UPDATED in a worksheet.


If you only want it to trigger for NEW rows, then you would need to change the Zap trigger to: Excel - New Row