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IMAP/Google Sheets -> Failed to create a spreadsheet row


Hi there,

I’m trying to setup a zap that inputs the latest date that an e-mail was last sent to a particular e-mail address into a Google Spreadsheet. I have a spreadsheet with two columns: (1) e-mail addresses and (2) last sent date:



Here’s how I have it setup in the zap:

  1. Trigger: “New Email in IMAP by Zapier” (linked to my “Sent” inbox)
  2. Action: “Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets” (looking in the “To Address” column for the “To Address” fetched from IMAP)
  3. Action: “Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets” (with the “To Address” / e-mail row inputted with “Last Sent Date” fetched from IMAP) [see settings here]

Everything seems to make sense to me, but I’m getting the below error. The issue seems to be with the dynamic look-up for the row to update, as when I select row 2, it inputs the date as it should.

Anyone have any idea what I’m missing?



Best answer by Alex H. 4 July 2022, 19:03

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Any feedback here?

And just to clarify after re-reading my initial message: the e-mail showing in the error is indeed within the list, it’s just not showing in the screenshot I provided.


For the third step, if I select a specific row (i.e. the row that has that specific e-mail in it), it successfully inputs the correct send date, but when I use the dynamic look-up (from my second zap step), it prompts that error.


Very frustrating.


Update – the solution was that I had to select the “ID” variable for the dynamic row.

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Hey @Alex H. thanks for letting us know! So glad you were able to figure out the solution for this one. :)