I need the Jira tickets status update automatically but I can't set "Key" parameter to work dynamically.

Hi Everyone,

What I am trying to automate is, when I get a new ticket in Jira, I want Zapier to update the ticket status to “in review”. But I want to do this action only when the issueType: Fraud. 

Therefore, I have created trigger as Jira new ticket and added a filter if issueType: Fraud;

Then I created “Update Issue” action in Jira. Ideally, I want to get every tickets actioned as long as they can pass Filter step. So, here is Issue(required) field and it only allows me to choose Key: POW-1 


But I want this field dynamically populated from the tickets that can pass Filter step. Basically I don’t want to select or specify any existing ticket, it can be any ticket as long as the issueType Name = Fraud. 

In zapier chatGPT, it says there should be fields like Key: or ID: without a value. But in my case these fields always comes with a value like Key: POW-1 and ID: 10004 which is already specified. 

Could you please help me, how can I overcome this problem?

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Hey @Asel ,


Kindly map this field on Zapier and let me know if that works.



 @jayeshkumarbhatia  thank you for your answer, but that ID 10004 doesn’t catch the new tickets because that id 10004 is associated with a particular ticket. 

See, in the first “New Issue” zap, Test section brings some issue classification like issue A, issue B etc. I have total 6 Fraud ticket goes like POW-1, POW-2, …, POW-6. First zap attaches each ticket as an issue in the test section;

See this is issue A, you can see Key:POW-1 and ID:10004. And now I’ll show you another issue with another key and ID;

As you can see here the Issue F and ID:10007 and Key: POW-4.

If I add fields like Key:POW-1 or ID:10004 in the action section of 3rd zap, I automate only and specifically these particular tickets. However, I wish all Fraud tickets get actioned regardless their POW number or ID.

In the first zap, why do I have to choose a record among my tickets in the Test section to continue? 



I am doing an automation for a big company and this is blocking everything that I need to do. Sorry for tagging you directly, kindly, would you be able to advise on this?