I need an expert to help input @twitternames in the Google Sheets and add to a Twitter list with Discord

  • 2 May 2023
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Hey everyone I am a new zapper user, I actually got the paid version of zappier just today in order to test some ideas I have. The first two zaps I tried to create were 1 zap connecting twitter with gsheets in a way that I can input @twitternames in the gsheet and get them automatically added on a twitter list + another zapper connecting twitter with discord in a way that I get tweets or liked tweets (of specific twitter accounts) shared in a discord channel. Tests seemed to work but i dont see the zaps work at all later. 

In the first zap I added initially 250ish names to have them added in a twitter list but zappier only managed to add about 50ish and sent an error for the rest 200. 

In the second one I was supposed to get the tweet sstreamed on twitter when a twitter account likes them but this does not seem to work either ! 

I am looking for someone experienced to help me set this up through a call ! I would also not mind paying for 1-2 hours of quick guidance ! Please let me know if someone is interested, I would gladly connect on discord/telegram or skype. 

1 reply

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@fundOG Welcome to the community! Of course, you can connect with one of our lovely Experts for some 1:1 assistance with getting up and running. If you are open to other options, with your Zapier user plan, you also have the option to connect with our Support team

If you’d like, I can also assist you here on deciphering those error messages. Are you able to provide a screenshot of the error message? It may provide some insight on the problem. 

Happy Zapping!