I just got charged after downgrading my plan!?!

  • 1 December 2023
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Hi there,

Yesterday I downgraded my plan to a free one because as much as I love my Zapier automations, I couldn’t realistically afford a subscription being a student. I was on the pro trial but consequently assumed it got cancelled as I downgraded to the basic/free plan but for some reason it still charged me £198.30 today! I can’t believe it. This has put me in my overdraft and I don’t know what I’m going to do.


I’ve submitted a support thingy, but does anyone know how long this takes to get a response? Or how long a refund takes? I need the money back asap because I pay interest on my overdraft. 



2 replies

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Hi @DJK 

Zapier Customer Support expectations are outlined here:


*These times reflect Zapier's goals for providing support responses, however, they are not service-level guarantees.
Actual response times may vary depending on volume and request complexity

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Hi @DJK, welcome to the Community! 👋

For plan and billing related issues our Billing and Accounts department are the best people to talk to. Us folks in Community cannot assist on that side of things. Lately they’ve been experiencing higher than usual volumes so responses have been a bit slower than usual.

That said, I had a quick look on this end and can see that they did respond to your initial reach out and they are working with you to get things resolved. If you have any further questions on that front please do followup with them on that email thread directly.

If there’s anything else Zap-related we can help with in the meantime just let us know! 🙂