I deleted one zap, but it keeps working

  • 18 August 2023
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i created one zap that makes freedcamp tasks when i created new pull request on GitHub.

and i deleted It and logs too.

but still it create a task in freedcamp, when i created new pull request.

why is this happening?


3 replies

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Hi @jinhwan 

Good question.

Make sure the Zap is OFF.

Make sure there is not another Zap ON that is configured to do the same automation.

If the Zap is ON, then check your Zap Runs history for logs to help you troubleshoot:

Make sure there isn’t a different Zapier account being used with a Zap that is ON.

Make sure there isn’t a different automation platform or native integration being used.

there is no another Zap  as shown in the picture below

and It is history, there is no Zap about pull-Request

because the Zap about pull-request is deleted, and i don’t have any automation tool.

i use only Zapier

but when i execute pull-requeset, freedcamp task is created.

this is my opinion : 

i click ‘publish’ button when i made Zap.

so published Zap cannot delete in the Zaps tap? cause already published


im sorry for my english grammer


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Search the Zap Runs for a specific value to help you trace and troubleshoot.

Each Zap Run has details of the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step.

Perhaps you have a different Zapier account with a Zap configured?