HubSpot Updated Deal Stage sent to Trello Card with Checklist

  • 29 March 2024
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I am working to create a zap that will send a specific updated deal stage in HubSpot to a new card on my Trello board with a checklist. In Zapier, when I am creating the Zap, I see the dropdowns for Checklist Name and Checklist Items. When I look in those dropdowns, I am seeing HubSpot deal information instead of the Trello information. Anyone have any pointers on how to get these two dropdowns to load my Trello information?

3 replies

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Hi @lemmonlandscaping 

To help give us more context, post screenshots with how your steps are outlined and configured.

Trello 1
Trello 2. Checklist Name and Items here are preloaded with HubSpot information. 


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What is the purpose of Step 2-3 if you are not mapping the output to Step 4?


Perhaps add this Zap action step: Trello - Add Checklist to Card