How to Send Welcome Email for PayPal Customers through Mailchimp

Hi everyone,

We’re running into a bit of a wall here. Here’s the zap we’re currently trying to setup for prospects that make a purchase from paypal to trigger a welcome email via mailchimp.

Inside the zap, we have:

1. successful paypal sale
2. create tag in mailchimp
3. send a campaign in mailchimp - here is where we’re getting stuck. the dropdown for email campaigns doesnt even show all of the campaigns we have.

how are we supposed to find the right campaign? The dropdown list that it provides includes a bunch of items that arent even campaigns inside of our mailchimp account.

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Hi @Dream Car Club 

Good question.

Try this instead.

  1. Trigger: PayPal - Successful Sale
  2. Action: Mailchimp - Add/Update Subscriber
    1. Set the desired Tag here


In Mailchimp, make sure the desired Customer Journey Automation is configure to be triggered from a Tag being applied to a Subscriber.

Thank you for the clarity on that @Troy Tessalone 
Testing now and will post back an update when possible,

  1. @Troy Tessalone 

    it worked! thank you!

    We have one last challenge:

    Our sales process is in 2 steps:
    1. The prospect visits our capture page, they fill out their contact to move onto step 2. (We want their contact to be added to mailchimp as soon as they do this step)
    2. They get to the sales page to make a purchase and trigger the purchase email automation (this works now)

    Can you tell me what we need to do in order to get the contacts added as soon as they fill it out in step 1?
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@Dream Car Club 

We’d need more context about what form app is being used for step 1.

@Troy Tessalone 

We created an audience in mailchimp and used the HTML code for the sign up form to sync it with the form on the capture page.

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@Dream Car Club 

If you are using a Mailchimp form, then that data will automatically sync to Mailchimp.

You may need to check your Mailchimp Audience settings related to double opt in.

@Troy Tessalone 

I just checked and the double opt-in box is not checked for the audience settings. 

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@Dream Car Club 

Issues with parts of apps that are not Zap related may fall outside the scope of this community.

Make sure the form is connected to the correct Audience.