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How to send a billing price to Stripe from Salesforce?

  • 5 December 2022
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I am new to zapier. Would anyone help me with integration Salesforce and Stripe using zapier ? I tired to create a payment link but it didn’t work. Maybe because we don’t use Price object in SF? Also, I was wondering if i can use an outbound message to send a price to Stripe.

What I want to achieve:

  1. We would like to charge our customers using Stripe.
  2. From a Contract (not Contact) record page in Salesforce, a user can create a Stripe payment link or an invoice with a particular price and payment ID populated automatically from Salesforce and send it to our customers, by just clicking a button, or using a flow.
  3. A customer receives the Stripe payment link and make a payment with a credit card.
  4. When the payment is completed, the payment detail is sent to Salesforce and updates some fields on the customer’s contract page.

*There is a field named Total Charge in the Contract object that shows the billing price.
*Billing price is varied for each customer due to the amount of discount.
*We don’t use Opportunity nor Order nor Price object in Salesforce.


The error I got below:



Any suggestions and advice would be appriciated.
Thank you for your help in advance!!




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Hey there @HidekoT , thanks for your interest in Zapier!

The error is saying that Stripe is expecting an internal Stripe ID in the “Price” field and not an amount of money owed but without being able to look at your Zap’s inputs it would be difficult to tell you more than that.

I would encourage you to reach out to our support team @ and we would be able to take a look at how you have the Zap configured and we could be more helpful there! =)

Hello RALaBarge!

Thank you for your answer. Ok, I’ll try to figure it out about the Price field and also reach out to the support team.


Best Regards,