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How to do I add prospect to list in Pardot from LinkedIn lead gen form

  • 12 September 2022
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Hi all,

I am having trouble adding prospects into a list within pardot.

My whole process is -

  1. Trigger - new lead from linkedin lead gen form
  2. Action 1 - create new lead in salesforce
  3. Action 2 - create new prospect in pardot
  4. Action 3 - add prospect to list in pardot

Looking at the zap history, there are no errors in the zap when it runs. New leads are made successfully in salesforce however the prospect is not added to a list in pardot.

Was wondering if someone has experienced something similar and has a solution? 


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3 replies

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Hi @Sally , 


So in the Zap History you cannot find any errors in this step? You might need to share some screenshots of the History (after removing any personal data) so we can help you better. 


You can check common issues with Pardot here 

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Hi there @Sally , thanks for coming by with your question!

In order to see what may be causing the Pardot lead to not come in, it would be helpful to see a few printscreens of the Zap you have built (note that before posting, please remove any personally identifying information!). 

Once we see what you have got set up so far, myself and others here in the Community can take a peek and see what ideas we have to make sure everything runs smoothly.  

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Hey friends! Coming in to close the loop here as I see you’ve created a ticket with our support team. I will post a response from my colleague here for anyone following along:

Thanks for getting in touch and providing all that info.
I’ve just had a look at the workflow and it looks like you’ve made a couple of updates since. And while the past couple of Runs have been successful, the best way to ensure that all prospects will be added to your campaign will be to map the prospect output from Step 3 in Step 4.
As you have the option to ‘Create Pardot Prospect if it doesn’t exist yet’ turned on in Step 3, keeping Step 2 duplicates this process so you can opt to delete Step 2 altogether and save on tasks.
I also noticed that you have the same campaign mapped in Steps 2, 3, and 4. Having this campaign mapped in the prospect creation process will subscribe your new contact to the campaign in those steps but will result to an error in Step 4 when the Zap attempts to enroll them again.
To make sure that new and existing contacts go through the same process without any errors, I highly recommend you leave the Campaign mapping for Step 4 and everything else in Step 3 and 2, if you decide to keep that step.
I hope this helps! If have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.