How do I view the full incoming data set?

  • 1 December 2023
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I have a Zap which pulls new event registrations from Eventbrite and sends them to Salesforce. There’s an issue with the field mapping - for some registrations, the Zap pulls the total charge for a group booking instead of the individual fee for one attendee.

However, I can’t work out how to view all of the data coming in from Eventbrite for the specific bookings that are causing the problem. Zapier will only pull a random handful of test records, and if they’re not the ones that have gone wrong, there’s no way of pulling more or searching through records. If I go to the Zap history, the ‘input’ side only shows fields that have already been matched to Salesforce fields, so I can’t see the other fields to work out which one I should have matched.

Any ideas? 

3 replies

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Hi @Joe_Evans 

Good question.

To help us have more context, please post detailed screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured.

The Zap Runs history shows the DATA IN/OUT for each Zap step to help you troubleshoot:

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^ Yes, the data out for Eventbrite should show you everything that was received

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Dear @Joe_Evans ,


Regarding the issue you're facing with viewing the full incoming data set from Eventbrite in your Zap, specifically to address incorrect field mapping in registrations sent to Salesforce.


Here are some suggestions to help you troubleshoot this:


1. Use Zapier's Task History:

- While the Zap history shows only matched fields, you can try looking for a task that processed a group booking. This might give you more insight into the data structure for these specific cases.



2. Adjusting Your Trigger Setup:

- Modify your Eventbrite trigger setup to ensure it's capturing the correct data. Sometimes tweaking the trigger settings can help pull in more relevant data samples.



3. Manual Data Inspection:

- Temporarily, you could manually inspect a few group booking records in Eventbrite to understand their data format. This might give you clues about which fields are carrying the group charge.


4. Utilize Postman for Manual Queries:

- Consider using a tool like Postman to manually query the Eventbrite API. This allows you to see the full data set for each registration, including fields not mapped in Zapier. You can then compare this data with what Zapier is pulling to identify discrepancies or missing fields.


Remember, using Postman requires some familiarity with APIs, but it can be a powerful tool for diagnosing issues like this.

Did these solutions fix your problem? If you need more help, feel free to contact us directly for assistance.


Best Regards,

Dillon Breytenbach

DashSquared Team