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How do I troubleshoot Google calendar event end times with events created in Any.Do

  • 18 September 2022
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I am struggling to get this zap working correctly. Whenever I create a task in Any.Do I want a detailed calendar event to be created in Google Calendar with reminder notifications. When setting up my zap I can easily choose the start time for the calendar event as it matches up with the due date/time I’ve set in Any.Do however, when I select the “end date/time” field for google calendar in Zapier.. I choose the Any.Do due date/time and then add text that says “+60m” after. Every time I try to test this I get a random event end time for the event zapier creates in my calendar. Example: start date time = 9/18/22 2PM. End date time = 9/18/22 2PM +60m (selecting the data field that zapier pulls from Any.Do and adding 60 minutes). This should create a 1 hour time block for that event but in reality it creates a random duration event. One time it was 4 hours, the next time 5 hours, the third time it was 7 hours and 22m…. 

I’ve gone to my Zapier profile and set my time zone and, my time zone is set up in my calendar app. What gives?


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3 replies

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Hi @Tc0n 

Can you share screenshots of your setup, specially how you mapped the part? 

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Hey @Tc0n just checking in here! This is certainly odd behavior so a screenshot of how you have things set up will help us continue to troubleshoot this one with you. Let us know!

Sorry for the late response! I wound up fixing it. Not really sure what all was going on but I deleted the zap and waited several hours before trying again to create the behavior I was looking for. It worked! 


I think ultimately it was a mix of things. I know I made a few syntax boo-boos and probably had some weird caching issues.