How do I set up Zapier to trigger after a successful Stripe payment for customer-selected Zoom webinars?

  • 10 June 2024
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I read a thread about paths for someone who was giving three options for people to attend a meeting:

User selects option 1
User selects option 2
User selects to attend both

From my understanding, they would set the rules for each path, and if user selected option 3 then it would register said person for both webinars. 

My question is for my client they can have up to 30 webinars in a week for said event each year. All of these are paid for webinars. Since there can be anywhere from 25-30 and they can randomly choose which ones they want, there seems to be a countless amount of combinations. 

What would be the best way to allow for a customer to select the webinars they want, checkout using Stripe, and then setting my Zapier automations to occur once a successful payment has happened?

2 replies

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Hi @BobbyB1278 

You’ll probably want to use the concept of a lookup table:


If the person can select 2+ webinars, then also use the Looping Zap app before the lookup table:

Ha, this is wayyyy outside of my understanding. I’ll search on Fiverr for someone that can do this. I think the problem I’m having is I can’t find any examples online that cover this, which surprises me. Thank you for your input.