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How do I find the ID field from Dynamics required for pulling data from Dynamics to HubSpot?

  • 13 February 2023
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Hi! I’m working on an integration between HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics. I am trying to set up a trigger so that if the sales team makes a new contact or a change to a contact in Dynamics, that will immediately sync with Hubspot.

The first required field in HubSpot is the object ID, which I understand is found in Dynamics via export (and should also be available by API). However this field isn’t found when I run a test. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

After you review the below… in case I’m asking the wrong question: How do I update a record? When I successfully find and match two records in each system, do I also need to add “update record” as a separate step?


First trigger is contact updated in Dynamics → Update contact in HS (not working because contact ID field not found)


Or this edited version… same problem as above:




Second trigger is a new contact is created in Dynamics → find or create the contact in HubSpot (this one runs successfully, but there is no object id named in the pull).



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Hi @rachelconsults 

Good question.

The mapped variable in this case has “No data” but the Object ID field is required, and thus expects a value, hence the error.

Help article about how to change the trigger test data:


@Troy Tessalone Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate changing the test data, but that begs the question - if id fields are auto generated in Dynamics, shouldn’t it be impossible to find any data in dynamics without an ID?

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Make sure you have the correct variable mapped.

Sometimes those can be arrays with items within that actually need to be mapped.

Some Zap app integrations return dummy data to be used to configure the Zap steps but those variables can have blank/empty/null values.

We’d need to see screenshots with the variables returned from Step 1.