How do I add a Keap tag to the TrainHeroic purchaser, rather than a pre-selected contact within the Zap?

  • 7 August 2022
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Trying to set up a zap from train heroic to Keap. The zap begins when someone purchases one of my train heroic programs in marketplace. I want it to communicate with Keap to tag this person with “online training” , but the zap makes you select a person in my Keaps data base. I want zapier to add that tag to the person of purchase, not to a contact that who is pre designated. Hope someone can help asap. 




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4 replies

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Hi @klein1nt!

Thanks for your question! If you’re using the Tag Contact action, you can use a custom value for the contact, which means instead of choosing one from the dropdown list, you add the ID of the person in the box. This help guide covers how custom values work if you’ve not used them before.

To do that, you do need the ID of the contact, and not the contact email address. In order to offer some thoughts on how to set up the Zap, can I ask a question: are all the people that purchase your train heroic programs already in Keap? Or are they all new? Or is there a mix of new and existing contacts? 


There is a mix of both. Most are new, but some will already be in keap. Thanks! 

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Hi @klein1nt 

I would just use the Create or Update Contact action from Keap which should have tags built into it. You will just need to pass the contact email address for Keap to be able to create or update. 

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Hi @klein1nt ,

I’m just passing by to check if you were able to follow @GetUWired suggestion and get your Zap working as you wanted?

Keep us posted 🙂